This is Casper at two years and three months.

When groomed.

This is Casper with long hair before going to the groomer.

Casper is the light dog next to the little boy in the blue coat on November 24, 2007 reunion.

7 Puppies  and Roxy and Hershey from left to right. 

Lulu, Daisy (Traci), Bernie (Martin), Freddie (look closly), Roxy, Hershey, Casper (Robert), Hazel (Jeannette) and Daisy (Amy)

After a few adjustment issues with Roxy explaining who was leader of the pack, all puppies played and played and played and everyone seemed to have a good time.  No one had a better time then me.  I really enjoyed seeing all the Roxy pups and hearing that they are all sweet lovable smart 4 legged humans.

  Lulu, Daisy, Bernie, Freddie & Roxy

Bernie, Freddie, Roxy, Hershey, Casper

Hershey, Casper, Hazel, & Daisy

Zusha (Caitlin) and Freddie playing on my porch in early November 2007.


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