I will post pictures of the ten puppies from Roxy's litter as I receive them from their new families.

Bernie (formerly Martin) says Happy New Year!

Hazel with Poodle cut.  Hazel as a little puppy was virtually identical to Freddie and Marc who is now Oscar.

Freddie at Christmas.  Check out how much he looks like Adair, his father.

Zusha just returning from play time in Central Oregon.  It took over 30 minutes for all the snow to melt.  Roxy likes the snow too but has never seen that much.

Lulu at about 16 weeks vacationing on the Oregon Coast. 

Below are Hazel (formerly known as Jeannette) and Luther enjoying each other's company as her new home in Vancouver, WA.  Luther certainly looks a lot like my Hershey.

Casper and Ginger getting to know each other in Tigard, Oregon. Note, Ginger is full grown and Casper is about 16 weeks.  He will fill out his bed in the next six month. By then, he and Casper will be old friends.

Seven of the puppies playing in our back yard at about nine weeks of age.

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