Read below first, them go to puppies available to see her.


Before spending one to three thousand dollars for a designer dog, such as a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle or even an AKC registered puppy you should check out your local animal shelter.  For a very small fee you can get a dog or puppy that will be euthanized if no home is found for it.

There are thousands of puppies and very suitable dogs that are killed every day because an irresponsible pet owner did not neuter his/her dog and then did not find homes for the puppies. There are thousands of pet owners who abandon their pets to the "pound" because they feel that they can no longer care for their dog. Unless you are going to breed or show your dog, you don't need "papers" of any kind. 

The people at the animal shelter can give you a very good idea what breed or what mix the dogs probably is. Before I got Hershey, my dogs were always "long tailed American short hairs" and "all dog, no cat" for the questions about what mix it was.

But, If you think you want a dog, read the following questions.

    1.  Do I really want a dog?  I know that may sound stupid, but you really need to think that one out.

    2.  Do I really want a puppy?  They will pee in the house, they will chew everything, they will take your time to train them.  Labradoodles love to destroy seemingly indestructible dog toys. Only the most durable hard rubber or rope toy will last no more than a few days. If you are a first time dog owner, you should either read lots of books or go to a puppy training class or both.

    3.  Am I willing to spend the necessary time to play with a high energy dog?  Labradoodles are lovable wonderful pets but they require exercise EVERY DAY.  We are offering standard size Labradoodles.  They are proper dogs; standing between 23 and 26 inches at the shoulder and weighing from 65 to 85 pounds.

    4.  Will I still want a large dog in two, three or ten years? These dogs have a life span of twelve to fifteen years. 
After you have thought about the above question and decided to acquire a Labradoodle, email me and maybe I can refer you to another breeder.

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